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FNPC CEO Sammy Leone utilises his 25 years of experience In Community Services, Child Welfare, Education, Elite level Sport amatuer/ professional, Cultural capacity building, Cultural performance and Community Development. Sammy has a broad network across the state and nationally, he utilises his linkages to First Nations Elders and community to deliver conscientious and thought provoking training and services to mainstream and diverse communities. Sammy of FNPC embeds much of his knowledge and frameworks within his packages to educate and participate via a culturally safe and informative process. FNPC’s training and packages will assist your corporation, organisation or community to gain an understanding of the history of First Nations People, their communities and some of the barriers that impact on the progression and social cohesion of these groups in modern society. FNPC varies from other Cultural awareness offerings as each of our sessions can allow for healthy dialogue between parties with an aim to raise awareness and conversation between both groups. FNPC achieves this by using Cultural frameworks and therapeutic processes to engage in courageous conversations that will ultimately lead to a paradigm shift and a consciousness about best practice when working with First Nations Peoples and communities. This particular package can be adjusted based on the needs of the organisation and ensuing an initial Cultural assessment. Based on data collated, FNPC will develop a plan or a set of actions to achieve the milestones desired by its clientele. Other offerings as seen in the tabs below can be utilised by your organisation, community or business today.

  • Initial Cultural consult
  • Cultural Yarning Sessions
  • Content overview
  • Negotiations
  • Debriefing leadership
  • Cultural advisory
  • Cultural Protocols
  • Social, emotional wellbeing
  • Impacts of colonisation
  • Understanding bias
  • Cultural norms
  • Kinship
  • Develop strategies
  • Identify deficits
  • Cultural advisory
  • Brainstorming workshops
  • Identifying barriers
  • Strategy workshops
  • Identify Community Partnerships
  • Staff wellbeing
  • Debrief sessions
  • Workshops
  • Identify community Partnerships
  • Developing partnerships
  • Community negotiations
  • Rapport building
  • Strength based yarning
  • Cultural mapping
  • Keynote speaking
  • Sam’s story

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