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Cultural Youth Mentoring

FNPC CEO Sammy Leone has a long history of working with at-risk and disengaged young people connected to the Departments of Youth Justice, Child Safety, Education, Health and the local First Nations people and community. With Sammy’s personal story of overcoming he uses his lived experience and his story to inspire and also mentor young people within the community to give them some of the skills that he has acquired over the years. FNPC works to break negative cycles attributed to colonisation. As a professional and amatuer boxing champion Sammy will share strategies and tips with participants of his mentoring sessions and workshops. For an outline of the other options available to your service please click on the tab below Youth programs and mentoring services or book a time for an initial cultural assessment with FNPC. 


  • Cultural mapping assessment
  • Overview of service offerings
  • Rapport building
  • Follow-up
  • Cultural mentoring
  • Boxing / PT
  • Respectful boundaries
  • Identifying barriers
  • Strength-based yarning
  • Debrief sessions

Program content can be tailored to the needs of the organsation

Program content can be tailored to the need of the organsation

Report writing and conference write up as to outcomes

For private and public events.

  • Keynote speaking
  • Sam’s story

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